Roundcube webmail

The CSC is releasing a new webmail interface, Roundcube, as an alternative to the existing Squirrelmail. The Roundcibe webmail is available at

First time use

After successful login, users will have to set at least one identity. This can be done by clicking on Settings -> Identities -> + and filling up the requisite details. In particular, the Display name, E-mail and Reply-to fields have to be set correctly (to your official IITD email) for Roundcube to work corretly. The default identity,, will not work correctly.

Address book settings
  1. Login to Squirrelmail, click Addresses and access the  Address Export option.
  2. Choose a custom text delimiter and make the box blank. See figure:
  1. Export and save the file.
  2. Visit and use the tool to convert to a vCard and save the resulting file with a vcf extension. You can find other utilities for this through a simple Google search on "CSV to Vcard".
  3. Login to Roundcube, Click on Address Book -> Import, choose your vcf file and import.
Enable threaded view

To enable threaded view for a folder, click on Settings -> Folders, select the folder and set the List view mode to Threads.

Reporting SPAM and not-SPAM

Use the button with symbol alt to mark messages as SPAM, this will move the marked message to the folder missed-spam. The same button when pressed from the SPAM folder will move the marked message to the folder not-spam and also copy to INBOX.