Virtual web hosting

The CSC has commissioned a new virtual web hosting facility for securely hosting all web sites of the form which are not maintained by CSC. Each such web site will be securely maintained as a virtual site on the same server. Maintainers of such sites are requested to get in touch with the CSC web group and move their web sites to the new facility before the deadline.

Services available:

  • Apache web server, with PHP5 and CGI capability.
  • Optional HTTPS functionality.
  • Access to up to 2 MySQL databases.
  • Shell access to the web-server.

Steps for getting a web domain of the form are as follows:

  1. File a request to, with the details of: 
    • The required domain name (of the format specified above)
    • Faculty contact (full email address).
    • The purpose of the web-site
    • Whether SSL access is required
    • Database access, whether required
    • List of people (with LDAP usernames) who will have edit-access to this web site
  2. On receiving the request, CSC web team will review it manually; and create the appropriate pointers in DNS, certificate generation (for SSL requirements, if any), database account creation, and other required steps.
  3. The faculty member will be notified once the process is over, which should not take more than 3 working days. The database credentials will have to be collected in person from the Web team, Computer Services Center.

User guide:

If you are creating a brand new web site (for example,

  • Login to the server using your favorite SSH client. (openssh-client and Putty are few commonly used clients for Linux and Windows respectively). NOTE: Files can also be trasferred to the html directory using scp clients such as WinSCP or FileZilla
  • Change the directory to /var/www/xyz, and you can find a directory tree of the form:
            |-- apache-logs
            |   |-- access.log
            |   |-- error.log
            |   `-- ssl_access.log
            |-- http
            |   |-- cgi-bin
            |   `-- html
            |       `-- index.html
            |-- https
            |   |-- cgi-bin
            |   `-- html
            |       `-- index.html
            `-- README
  • All the access log for the domain are available in the directory apache-logs
  • The directory http contains the files which will be served through . The cgi-scripts can be placed in the directory cgi-bin, which can be accessed using
  • The directory https contains the files which will be served through . The cgi-scripts can be placed in the directory cgi-bin, which can be accessed using Please note that this will be available only if SSL access is requested.
  • All the users delegated to edit the will be able to edit the contents of these directories by default. To make sure the web site is functional, all the files created should be accessible to the group. i.e. xyz


The CSC has commissioned a server for hosting web pages of all faculty and PhD students. Your pages will become visible both internally, and externally with a url where userid is your LDAP id (email id).

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