Download server

CSC has comissioned a new server,, to facilitate research downloads through non-standard ports. Internet services can be accessed on all ports from this machine and all accesses and downloads will be logged. Users can request for access to this service here. Requests from students and contract staff will need to be approved by their supervisors.

  1. Once access is approved, IIT Delhi kerberos credentials are required for authentication over ssh.
  2. The server has Firefox installed and has about 200GB of temporary storage in /var/misc and about 2 TB of temporary storage in /download. Please delete any temporary files that you may download to this area as soon as you copy them elsewhere. Use ssh -Y to enable X forwarding, where userid is the kerberos id.
  3. Alternatively, you can use ssh tunnel through this machine to download directly on your desktop/laptop. Please do a internet search on ''ssh tunnel'' for a howto/tutorial. Here are some basic commands to set up ssh tunnels.
    1. ssh -L -N will map localhost:7777 to Pointing your browser to http://localhost:7777 will redirect to
    2. ssh -L -N will map localhost:7778 to The command ssh localhost -p 7778 from another terminal will take you to the ssh port of
      File transfers via scp will also work over this tunnel e.g. scp -P7778 test.txt localhost: will transfer file "test.txt" to
  4. You can set up tunnels to any port using similar commands.