The CSC has configured Moodle, a public domain course management software, for use by faculty and students for the courses running in the current semester. Apart from online dissemination of course material, Moodle supports a host of other features for every course like news, blogs, discussion forums and facility for online submission of assignments and quizzes. Moodle@IITD can be accessed at

All students and faculty members are pre-enrolled in various courses according to the course registration data for the current semester provided by the academic sections. Guest logins for all courses are enabled by default, but the the course coordinators may disable them for their specific courses if they so choose. Course coordinators have full editing rights for their courses.

The system is fully integrated with the IITD LDAP and Kerberos systems, and the course mailing lists for the current semester.

Since the TA list for the courses were not available, the TAs are not automatically enrolled. However, we have provided a facility for the course coordinators to add the TAs for their courses directly in to LDAP at Once added in LDAP, the TAs will be automatically enrolled in Moodle and added to the course mailing lists within 12 hours.

Some tutorials for using Moodle can be found at and

Please contact  for queries or help.