Accounts that are unsed for a certain period of time can get locked or invalidated. Wifi and LAN can be invalidated separately - i.e. if only wifi has been used, and proxy/LAN has not been used for some time, the wired proxy can be invalidated. For revalidation of the account, the user must physically come to Computer Service Centre reception with their IITD ID card, describe the issue and request for revalidation. In most cases, the revalidation can be done in less than 5 minutes.


User accounts can be suspended due to violation of various IITD policies. For example,

  • email account can be locked if the account has been found to be sending out malicious emails.
  • Internet access can be blocked in case the there is over use of quota, or inappropriate use.
  • Wi-Fi access can be blocked if too many devices have been used to access the network.
The suspension will be lifted after duly checking into the nature of the violation on a case to case basis. The user might be advised to follow up with the concerned officer at CSC.
For example, Internet access has been blocked due to quota overuse due to an automated update(s) (multiple cases have been found recently in Mac Desktops connected to WiFi).

Getting password for new accounts

When user accounts are created by faculty members, sometimes the password is lost. The user can approach the CSC reception to generate a temporary password. The User must carry with them sufficient credentials for the same. Similarly, passwords for new users appointed on projects etc can collect the passwords from the CSC reception.

Forgotten/Lost Password

In case password is lost or forgotten, the following procedure is to be followed: Collect the "forgot password form" from SCOOPS, and deposit 200/- in SCOOPS. The receipt needs to be submitted to the CSC reception. After validating the same with the IITD ID card, a fresh password will be generated and handed over to the user.

Bulk Creation of Users

In case large number of users need to be created for workshops/conferences etc, the following procedure needs to be followed:

  1. Get details of users in a list (spread sheet such as MS Excel, Libreoffice etc)
    uid | Full Name | FirstName | LastName | Address | Mobile | Email | GH | GHROOM | Gender | Nationality
  2. The list is sent to (Mr. Gopal Krishan) by the convenor of the event using IITD email.
  3. The userid and passwords must be collected in person.