CSC is releasing a new Wiki forum, IITDWiki , based on the popular MediaWiki framework, for use by faculty, students and staff of IIT Delhi. The earlier Wiki utility will be phased out in a months time. All accesses to the Wiki will require authentication and all edits will be logged.

The Wiki supports access control and page protection, but only faculty members can protect pages and limit access to faculty groups. All users can create new pages, categories and help pages. The following categories are created by default: CSCHowTos, CSCAdminHowtos , FacultyAffairs, IITDAcademics, IITDCampus, IITDStudentLife. Users can add more categories. Please refer to Help on IITDWiki for a basic Howto.

Users are encouraged to use the Wiki facility for sharing community knowledge and knowledge specific to research and other interest groups.